Initial clinical safety results have been promising. In addition BXQ-350 appears to by-pass the blood brain barrier offering hope to patients with brain tumors. A robust clinical development plan is being initiated to maximize the potential of our BXQ-350 platform.

Information about Bexion’s current clinical trials can be found below:

E T E R N I T I   S T U D Y (enrolling by invitation)

ContinuEd TrEatment foR ParticipaNts Enrolled In STudIes of BXQ-350

Trial can be found at

K O N Q U E R   S T U D Y (open)

A PharmacoKinetic and Safety EvaluatiON Study of BXQ-350 in Children With Newly Diagnosed DiffUsE IntRinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) or Diffuse Midline Glioma (DMG)

Trial can be found at

K O M P A S S   S T U D Y (closed)

A pharmacoKinetic and safety study of BXQ-350 in cOMPlex Advanced Solid tumors and high-grade gliomaS in adult patients.

Trial can be found at

K O U R A G E   S T U D Y (closed)

A Phase 1 pharmacoKinetic and safety Study of BXQ-350 in children and yoUng adults with RelApsed solid tumors, includinG rEcurrent malignant brain tumors.

Trial can be found at

Bexion has completed enrollment in Phase 1 studies in both adults and children with advanced solid tumors utilizing BXQ-350 as monotherapy. The results showed evidence of anti-tumor activity and also demonstrated that BXQ-350 has a tolerable safety profile with no dose limiting toxicity (DLT) at the highest administered dose.

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