The Promise of BXQ-350

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BXQ-350 possesses tumor agnostic properties and represents a paradigm shift in the fight against cancer. Utilizing a small lysosomal protein known as Saposin C with a lipid, BXQ-350 targets both externalized phosphatidylserine and tumor lysosomes to initiate tumor cell death. In tumor cells and the blood vessels that feed tumors, some of the phosphatidylserine (PS) move to the outside of the cell membrane to help avoid inflammation and the immune response. Under acidic conditions, Saposin C is fusogenic to phosphatidylserine initiating two distinct mechanisms of action to kill cancer cells.

  1. Endocytosis of BXQ-350 leading to lysosomal degradation and necrosis
  2. Catalysis of acid spingomyelinase leading to ceramide elevation & apoptosis

Conflict of Interest Statement: Dr. Rixe holds a minor (<3%) equity interest in Bexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.