Fall 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Bexion

With so many exciting activities occurring at Bexion, we are initiating a quarterly newsletter!

Phase I Clinical Trial Update

In September 2017, we successfully completed the First-in-Human Phase Ia Clinical Trial. This part of the Phase I trial was designed to determine the maximum tolerated dose of BXQ-350 and to characterize its safety and pharmacokinetics.

BXQ-350 was well tolerated at all five doses with no dose limiting toxicities observed and with no serious adverse events attributed to the therapy.

This was great news so we progressed to the Phase Ib component of the trial, where approximately 20 additional patients with solid tumors will be dosed at the highest dose during the next few months at our 4 participating facilities.

Highlighting Our Clinical Sites and Principal Investigators

Our Phase 1 Clinical Trial with BXQ-350 for the treatment of cancer is being conducted at the following four facilities:


  • One of only 49 National Cancer Institute designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the country and the only NCI designated cancer center in New Mexico.
  • 125 board-certified oncology physicians, 130 research scientists and more than 500-person staff.

Olivier Rixe MD PhDAbout Olivier Rixe, MD, PhD

Olivier Rixe, MD, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Hematology/Oncology, at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. He serves as the Associate Director for Clinical Research at the UNM Cancer Center. Trained as a medical oncologist, Dr. Rixe is internationally renowned for his work in Phase I clinical trials and as Principal Investigator for several neuro-oncology clinical trials. He was involved in the early development phases of many U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved agents, including oxaliplatin, camptothecins, and taxanes; and many targeted therapies including antiangiogenic compounds sunitinib, axitinib and VEGF-trap. Dr. Rixe oversaw Bexion’s Phase I Clinical Trials’ national protocol development and is directing the trial in New Mexico.


  • One of only 49 National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers and one of only a few centers funded by the NCI to conduct both phase I and phase II clinical trials on novel anticancer drugs sponsored by NCI.
  • Over 200 oncologists, each of whom specializes in just one type of cancer.

About Vinay Puduvalli, MBB

Vinay Puduvalli, MBBS is a Professor in the Translational Therapeutics Program at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center-Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC-James). He serves at the Division Director, of the Department of Neuro-oncology at the OSUCC-James. Dr. Puduvalli has expertise in developing treatments for brain and spine malignancies using a combined approach of targeted therapies, innovative clinical trial designs and rational combinations of anticancer agents. His clinical expertise includes care of patients with brain and spine malignancies, as well as neurological complications of cancer. Dr. Puduvalli is the lead investigator for the Bexion trial at OSUCC-James.


  • One of only 69 National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated Cancer Centers and is actively pursuing NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center designation.
  • The UK Markey Cancer Center is among the few institutions nationwide providing multidisciplinary care through Clinical Care and Research Teams (CCARTs). Major CCARTs include breast, gynecologic, gastrointestinal, head and neck, lung, brain, hematologic and genitourinary cancers.

About John L. Villano, MD, PhD

John Lee Villano, MD, PhD is the Director of the Clinical Neuro-Oncology Research Program at the UK Markey Cancer Center. Dr. Villano is on the board of the Central Brain Tumor Registry US and also a member of the Neuro-Oncology Committee in the cooperative group ALLIANCE and a Society of Neuro-Oncology committee member. Dr. Villano is the lead investigator for the Bexion trial at the UK Markey Cancer Center.


  • Actively pursuing National Cancer Institute (NCI) Cancer Center Designation.
  • The mission is to advance the field by conducting cutting-edge basic and clinical research to improve the outcomes for patients with a variety of cancers.
  • Fellowship-trained surgical oncologists with high levels of experience

About John Morris, MD, PhD

John Morris, MD, PhD is a professor in the Division of Hematology Oncology, Department of Internal Medicine, and co-director of the Lung Cancer Center within the UC Cancer Institute. In addition to being an oncologist working with lung cancer patients, Dr. Morris oversees the Experimental Phase I Therapeutics Program. He is interested in immunologic strategies to treat cancer. Dr. Morris is the lead investigator for the Bexion trial at UCCI.


Funding News

Many thanks to our current investors that we were able to close out the recent $7MM capital raise quickly. We will be opening a new Series B soon. This will allow new interested individuals the opportunity to invest in Bexion. Details of this raise will be sent in the next few weeks.

If you have questions, please contact: Margaret van Gilse (859) 757-1652 mvangilse@bexionpharma.com

This newsletter contains forward-looking statements that are current at the time of release. The company’s plans may change depending on, for example, clinical results, drug availability, and finances.

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