The Lysosome is Intrinsic to a Multitude of Diseases

Market Pioneer of Lysosomal Exploration

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Bexion believes that lysosome native therapies are an important new tool to fight disease. The overarching mechanisms of cellular regulation and autophagy are at the frontier of our understanding of cellular function and disease, and the lysosome is at the core of this story.

Regulatory dysfunction — including autophagic dysfunction and dysfunction around programmed cell death — lay at the heart of dozens of diseases as disparate as Tay-Sachs and Ebola infections. That the lysosome can be involved in so many different disease and functional pathways, signals at its underlying role as a cellular regulator and orchestrator. Inherent in our approach is the belief that these therapies will not only be more effective, but have a much more attractive toxicity profile.

Hence, Bexion is exploiting decades of cellular and preclinical research on the lysosome, with Bexion’s lead compound, BXQ-350, the first with significant clinical evidence of benefit.